I’ve used the brokerage services of Bonnie Smith twice already. She was of great help in both cases. The first time when I was getting a mortgage, she guided me as a newbie who did not know much and looked out for my interests.
I came back to her for a renewal later and Ms Smith was as professional, diligent and hardworking in trying to help me find the best option for my needs as the first time. Ms. Smith is very knowledgeable in her field, aware of the current trends in the mortgage market, patient in responding to all questions and a pleasure to work with. I would definitely recommend Bonnie Smith to anyone looking for help in finding the right mortgage for their needs.


As newcomers to Canada, and First-time buyers we never thought it would be so hard to get financing, and so complicated to understand all the steps involved.
But Bonnie did everything she could for us, and got us a very good deal!
She explained every single detail to us, allowing us to make an informed decision in what is one of the biggest steps in anyone’s life!
Thanks to her we are happy homeowners now!
Thank you so much, Bonnie!

Amanda and Andre

I want to thank you for providing such a high level of service to me over this past year. From patiently coaching this fraidy-cat first time buyer and total math-spaz through the minutiae of mortgage financing to securing a low lending rate–and bettering it before my close!–to spending so much time after my close working to resolve a series of bank-based blunders, I just can’t say enough about the high level of service you provide.

I look forward to all opportunities of recommending you to friends so they too might enjoy the privilege of being your client.

Kind Regards,
John Donnelly

In the past few years Bonnie Smith has arranged two mortgage renewals and a new mortgage on the occasion of my family’s move. On all three occasions she has displayed a pleasant professionalism that made the process simple and painless. Every detail was attended to in manner such that we had very little to do and what was required was always done at our convenience. Each mortgage was at a rate below the advertised rates in the newspaper and Ms. Smith also negotiated lines of credit at very low rates along with our mortgages. I would definitely recommend that anyone in the market for a new mortgage or a renewal of an existing one utilize the services of Ms. Smith. She looks after every detail efficiently and the whole process is surprisingly simple. It almost amounts just showing up at the bank to sign your name and collect your mortgage.
Again, I would suggest anyone in the market for a mortgage contact Ms. Smith and let her take care of all the details.

Allen Dixon

A special thank you for late night conversations, for answers to one thousand and one questions, and for making it all less stressful!

Bonnie thanks so much!
Brand spankin’ new homeowners –

Michael & Jackie

We can’t thank you enough, Bonnie, for getting us this FANTASTIC MORTGAGE RATE! Your service is very personal and professional, and we had total confidence in your abilities!
We have recommended you highly to all of our friends!

A. Leontarakis & B. Brammayer